Greetings from the Man of Yesterday

Welcome to my blog, I thought it was about time I started one up again. I’ve grabbed some stuff I did for Omen Child Entertainment because that has been stalled for a long time, but not all of it because a few posts are now dated. There are a few bits I’m quite proud of so I figured I might as well share them here; also I didn’t want this first post to be all lonely.

It was hard choosing a title as most of them were taken. I thought Captain’s Blog would have been quite clever, although it seems to have been taken, albeit not with any Star Trek connotation which I think is a huge waste. Man of Tomorrow would have been pretty cool, but that was taken too so I decided to go the other way, hence I am The Man of Yesterday.

You can get an idea of what I’ll be doing with this blog from the other posts. I toyed with the idea of challenging myself like in Julie & Julia. But I didn’t want it to be turned into a pointless movie. I was enjoying it until it ended. Then I realised it boiled down to a woman who cooked a lot who didn’t get to meet her hero and didn’t get to find out why, and a brief biopic (which was actually fairly interesting. I’d still like to know why she didn’t want to meet Julie). Having said that, Amy Adams is awesome and I can’t wait to see her as Lois Lane.

Hope the New Year has got off to a good start for everyone!

(I lied before by the way, it would be amazing to be the subject of a pointless film.)

The Man of Yesterday


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