The Five Worst Romances in Star Trek

Over the years Star Trek has had a few good romances but a lot of bad ones. I’ve picked what I consider are the five worst. I’m not going to choose ones where the characters were possessed by another lifeform or where they were influenced by some space parasite or anything like that. I’ve just picked genuinely bad romances.

#5 – Kes & Neelix ST: VOY – Caretaker onwards

The Ocampan wonderkid and everyone’s favourite Talaxian were already an item when we were introduced to them. Before Voyager came along Kes stayed on her home planet and Neelix hung around in his ship waiting for the odd chance to visit her. I can see why initially they were together – Neelix had the allure of being a well-travelled stranger and Kes, let’s face it, Neelix was batting well above his average.

But once they were aboard Voyager I can’t see anything they had in common, and Neelix turned into a jealous possessive control freak. It’s a wonder they lasted as long as they did.

#4 – Uhura & Scotty – STV: The Final Frontier

Not sure if this really counts as a romance but the thought of it is so brain-scrapingly cringy I had to include it. It’s like finding out your grandparents have sex. Just ew.

#3 – Julian Bashir & Serena – ST: DS9 – Chrysalis

I actually think these two had good chemistry and were cute together but it was totally unprofessional on the part of Dr. Bashir, after all she was a patient. Furthermore her whole life had just changed completely and it was rather unfair of him to smother her in a relationship before she got a chance to work out who she was. The main reason why this one makes my list is because it’s a bit creepy. I don’t think Serena is a properly developed adult and Bashir is taking advantage of her naïveté.

#2 – Chakotay & Seven – ST:VOY – Endgame

Oh boy what can I say? Totally out of the blue, no chemistry, no good.

#1 – Jadzia Dax & Douchebag from Meridian (Deral) – ST:DS9 – Meridian

Meridian is my all-time worst episode of any Trek series and it’s actually putting me in pain just thinking about it. Jadzia was never my favourite but this episode was so out-of-character for her. So she’s met a guy who’s not even that great (he’s no Worf, heck he’s no Captain Boday) and is suddenly ready to give up her whole career and life to be with him. Even worse she’s ready to give up the symbiont’s life!

I know throughout the series she was portrayed as something of a party girl but she was never really irresponsible like this, and she certainly never endangered the symbiont. After eight lifetimes (or was it seven at that point?) you’d think she’d be mature enough not to be phased out with this random alien of the week. An interesting angle would have been to suggest that the symbiont was suicidal. After all the series never really did delve into the symbionts as organisms. Did they ever get bored of life?

I didn’t buy the depth of their love at all. I understood they both had a mutual respect for each other but it’s definitely not a case of starcross’d lovers. It seems that this was a generic Star Trek story and the writing staff either didn’t have time or just plain forgot to tweak the script.

Horrible episode, horrible characterisation and that’s all I really have to say about it.


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