Yada, yada, yada, Superhero Origins

I was thinking about The Dark Knight Rises and the next incarnation of Batman. It seems that with every new version of a superhero the powers that be feel the need to re-tell the origin story. As excited as I am for The Amazing Spider-Man, I know the origin story inside out. I would find it more interesting if they had stories from different periods of the hero’s life. For the post-Nolan Batman I hope we join his adventures at a period where he’s established as the Caped Crusader. 

For those few that are not aware of the origin story it can still be included in a credits sequence. I like the Spider-Man 2 technique of flicking images which show the main points from the first film and the mini-movie credit sequences of Watchmen and Wolverine were probably the best part of the films. 

Or, they could use a Seinfeld-esque technique to get the audience up to speed. A few suggestions:


Young Bruce Wayne goes to the opera with his parents yada, yada, yada, he dresses up like a bat and vows to rid Gotham City of injustice.

Captain Marvel 

The orphan Billy Batson gets lured into a tunnel by an old man yada, yada, yada, he gets the abilities of legend and turns into a man.


Peter Parker goes to watch a science experiment yada, yada, yada now he swings around New York, his Uncle is dead and most people in the city hate him.


Kal-El was born on faraway planet Krypton yada, yada, yada now he goes by the name Clark Kent and works at the Daily Planet in Metropolis.

Iron Man 

Tony Stark was hit by shrapnel from a landmine yada, yada, yada he flies around in an armoured suit.


Bruce Banner saved a kid who was trespassing on the site of a gamma experiment yada, yada, yada he turns into a green monster.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange suffers nerve damage in his hands yada, yada, yada he becomes the Sorcerer Supreme of this dimension.



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