Interview with Indie Author Sara Boyd

Today I’m joined by Sara Boyd. She’s the author of ‘Nothing Else Matters’, a romantic novel about two lovers fighting the forces that threaten to tear them apart, and ‘Deceptive Comfort’, a short story exploring the devastating impact of superstition. Purchase links can be found at the bottom of the interview.

1. Could you tell us a little bit of your background and how you discovered your love of writing?

My background is not exactly in writing since I studied Farming Business in Argentina. I also have an MA in translation. But I always loved writing. I started at school, writing stories when I was bored.

2. You released your first novel last year, was it a long process? 
It was. Nothing Else Matters was written a few years ago. Since then it went through a few changes and I started the process of publishing on Amazon. The technical bit took me a while to get used to but I think I’m still learning something new every day. 

3. What inspired you to write that story?

 ‘NEM’ just popped into my head one day walking through a maize field. It’s a love story between foster siblings and I guess what I thought at the time was, ‘what if you were stuck in the same house night and day with someone you have romantic feelings for?’

4. You also have a short story available, what prompted you to try that format of storytelling? 

I go to a writing group and we write 750 word pieces every week. Deceptive Comfort started as a 750 word exercise and the group liked it, so I thought I would try the short story format, something I have never tried before because I like to write longer pieces. It was like a self-challenge and I think it worked well.

5. Your short story, Deceptive Comfort, deals with superstition. Why did you find it important to tackle that subject? 

I was always fascinated with superstition and how people relate to it. I think most people have an irrational approach to superstition. An example would be someone that says ‘Oh no, I’m not superstitious AT ALL, but I never, ever, walk under a ladder. Just in case, you know…’

6. Who are your main influences?

Oh dear… As a writer I feel like I have to say ‘So and so influenced me,’ but the boring truth is that no one really ‘influenced’ me as such. I do have authors that I like for specific reasons. For example, I think Martin Amis’ style is superb, although I wouldn’t say his plots are as good. I also like Margaret Atwood’s dystopian worlds. There are also books such as ‘Catch 22’ that show you that a non-linear story can still be really catching if it’s well written.

7. Were these books inspired by real-life experiences? 

So far, Nothing Else Matters and Deceptive Comfort were not inspired by real-life experiences. Maybe a scene is based on something that happened, loosely based, but not the whole story. 

8. What is your writing process?

My writing process is very messy indeed. I write straight on the word processor because I touch type. When I sit down to write I can write anything from 2000 words to up to 8000 a day, if the scene is clear in my mind. However, I can’t write every day. I write until I finish the whole story and only then do I go back to improve the scenes, add or delete, etc. But the characters, situations and dialogues of what I’m writing follow me around all day, and sometimes in my dreams. Yes, it’s a bit weird to dream about what you’re writing and, in my experience useless, because when you wake up you realise that the dream was utter nonsense. I especially play dialogues or scenes in my mind when I’m driving, at the supermarket or on public transport.

9. What are your current projects?

I’m struggling with a novel that was loosely based on a screenplay I wrote and… lost. Yes, lost it completely, the printed version and the word doc I had somewhere but could never find it. The original story changed and evolved and I wanted to set it in the UK. But when I did some research, the results complicated matters a bit. So now I’m trying to find a way around it.

After this, I want to write a historical novel, which I know will be another struggle because it might not be believable. However, since I had the idea for this novel genres have changed a lot. Historical sometimes is not 100% accurate and I read many stories that had what would have been considered unbelievable scenes, so I’ll give it a go.

10. Is there anything you’d like to say to your potential readers? 

Hello potential reader! Nice to meet you. I’m Sara Boyd and I write light, feel good romance. My style is simple and to the point. My settings are shortly described and only when something is essential for the plot. I guess I do this because I tend to skip lengthy descriptions when I am reading novels. If this is not your cup of tea feel free to read any of the other thousand really good authors out there. 
This said, Deceptive Comfort is not as light or feel good romance, and I did make an effort to ‘describe’ the setting a bit more.

I just got rid of my blog, but you can find me on Facebook: and on Twitter @saraboydauthor 
I also have an author page on Goodreads: 

Nothing Else Matters on Amazon

Deceptive Comfort on Amazon

Thanks to Sara for joining me, if you’d like to be interviewed or have any feedback send me a message to the address found on the contact page! I’m off to see Man of Steel tonight, so watch out for a review tomorrow!

– Man of Yesterday


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