A Sneak Peek at a Prologue!

I started writing my new novel today, which is tentatively called “The Princess’ Patience”. It’s a project I’ve had gestating in my mind for a few years now so I’m eager to get it fully fleshed out and completed. Obviously this is fresh and I only wrote it this afternoon but I thought I would share the prologue with you all, so if you have any thoughts leave a comment!

Once upon a time, in a land long lost, stood the proud kingdom of Mysteria. It was a lively settlement that sat on the coast, so was host to all manner of traders and visitors from lands afar. The tall castle with its many towers rose high into the cerulean sky, the bright sun shone off the white stone reflecting the golden light onto the King’s subjects. Looking up from the ground, the spire threatened to pierce the heavens and it stood as a testament to man’s drive that such impressive structures could be built. Day by day the townsfolk gazed up in awe and no matter what problems weighed down on their souls they could always smile.

            The castle had been built after the last war as a symbol for peace and prosperity by King Seph Awcer almost a century ago. The war between the Kings and the Dark Ones had ravaged the land and drenched it in blood but ultimately good had triumphed over evil. However, due to the destruction the land had been rearranged and rebuilt and new kingdoms were formed. As the most formidable warrior and the leader of men Seph was given Mysteria and he cherished it like the most precious jewel, moulding it into the popular and thriving city it had become. From son to son it had passed down and now Bragi sat on the throne, his devoted wife Idura by his side. Bragi had inherited the usual traits of the Awcer men; broad shoulders, thick locks of auburn hair, kind eyes and a love of life. He was a good king and always had his subjects’ best interests at heart. Idura was an equally ideal queen. She had a gentle nature, which only magnified her beauty in the eyes of her subjects. Long red locks fell down past her shoulders like a river of fire and brushed against her porcelain skin. Many men who visited said they did so for a glimpse of the Queen, who, they claimed, was much more of an attraction than the castle.

            Idura was the daughter of King Ylops and his wife, Clea who ruled over Katmas. The coming together of their two families was a tradition started by Seph and his favourite companion Khe, and although Bragi and Ylops didn’t share the same affinity for each other as their ancestors had, they respected history too much to let the tradition die out. But also, those two kingdoms were the most powerful and a marriage between the two solidified the peace between them, and also served as a warning to anyone else, that if they attacked they would have to deal with the might of both kingdoms. The people were happy and prosperous but alas, it could not last forever… 

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