The Film Formula

I was directed to this article yesterday and I thought my fellow writers and film fans would be quite interested. It’s about a book called Save the Cat, which is a guide to screenwriting. However, unlike other books that offer a few general guidelines and tips this book provides almost a step-by-step process of how to construct a blockbuster. So if you’ve noticed that a few films have had pretty similar structures it may go a bit deeper than “studios simply copy what’s successful”. This book actually details when and where different beats should happen, and the article I linked to gives a few specific examples. It’s a very interesting read and if you’re interested in writing or movies you should check it out. In the meantime, I’m off to order the block and write a blockbuster.

In other news I had a couple of interviews posted this week. One focuses mainly on my cover designs and was conducted by Workaday Reads and the other was about writing in general and can be found on Afternoon Bookery.

Hope everyone’s weekend has been pleasant. I’ll be back with the next chapter of Felicio on Tuesday and I’m quite certain that I’ll post my thoughts on yesterday’s announcement of a Batman/Superman movie at some point during the week. 

– Man of Yesterday


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