Sorting Out Books



Christmas is fast approaching and I’ve mostly asked for books. A lot books. So many books that I’m not sure I can store them all since I’m running out of space anyway. I decided to take the opportunity to sort out the ones I have and decide which ones I want to keep and which ones I’m going to sell/give away. That’s going to be an arduous task but it needs to be done! There’s a lot of books from my childhood that were long-forgotten, and even though it shouldn’t have shocked me, I was quite surprised to see just how many Star Trek books I owned. 

I’m not sure how much I’m going to get for them, but as well as freeing up some space I’ll also generate a bit of extra cash for Christmas. 

Fellow book-lovers, when was the last time you sorted out your books? Was it easy or hard to decide which ones to keep? Did you discover any hidden gems that you’d completely forgotten about?


5 thoughts on “Sorting Out Books

  1. Most of my books are at my parents house, they store all their books in my old room now as well. Every time I go visit them I take ten or twenty out and tell them to read then chuck, they probably end up back in there but I think a few make their way to charity shops every time.

    • A lot of them are annuals from childhood! This year I started to forward books on after I’ve read them to save on space, and thank goodness for my kindle in that regard as well. But I like having physical copies of comic books. I’m going to have to be harsh because there are a lot that I know I probably won’t re-read but I know I enjoyed reading once, so there’s always a chance I’ll read them again.

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