30 Day Book Challenge – Day 7

Continuing through the range of emotions today is ‘a book that makes you laugh’. I was tempted just to say a joke book I own, but I figured I should try and answer the question properly. I laughed out loud a lot at certain points in The Wise Man’s Fear and there have been certain other books that have made me laugh. The on that’s made me laugh the most, however, is I, Partridge, the Alan Partridge autobiography. 

I’m a huge fan of Alan Partridge and I think it helps that the book was written by Steve Coogan, who has played the character for so long that at some points it must have seemed like he was writing an actual autobiography. The quirks of the character and the type of humour were translated brilliantly, which takes some skill since in the book he didn’t have anyone to play off. Hopefully the release of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa this year attracted some new fans, and hopefully they will check out I, Partridge. As a quick note, he suggests a soundtrack to listen to as you’re reading certain parts of the book. I haven’t tried it but I’m curious to see what it’s like. 


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