Movie Review – The Guilt Trip (2012)

Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand star in this comedy about a son and mother going on a road trip. The dynamic between a mother and a son has been foil for sitcom writers for decades and this film doesn’t deviate from the formula too much, but I found it quite sweet in parts. 

The main story is that Andy Brewster (Rogen) has come up with a product and is going on a road trip to try and sell it to various companies. After his mother, Joyce (Streisand) tells him a story about her first love he invites her along, hoping to reunite them at the end of his trip. Of course there are points where they get on each other’s nerves and the familial frustrations boil over, but in the end they begin to appreciate their relationship. A lot of the beats were predictable but the chemistry between the two leads helps elevate the material.

I liked how their relationship evolved throughout the film and I found the characters endearing. For road trip movies to succeed there has to be interesting things happen on the road trip, and I thought this film was pretty good in that regard. I liked the steakhouse they stopped at because I visited a similar one when I was on a road trip in America so it brought back some fun memories. Both Andy and Joyce developed sufficiently that I thought the film had some substance to it and it did make me laugh in places. I thought it had a lot of heart as well so it may not be the best film ever but if you want a light comedy to fill up and hour and a half you could do a lot worse than The Guilt Trip.


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