30 Day Book Challenge – Day 9

A book I thought I wouldn’t like but I ended up loving. 

This is difficult because usually I only get books that I think I would like. I’m not going to spend my money on something that I don’t think I’ll enjoy, and if I get something out from the library it’s after reading the blurb. I don’t tend to buy books blindly and if a friend lends me a book it’s usually something they’ll think I would like so I’m actually struggling to come up with one. I’m trying to think back to my university days but even then I don’t think there was a specific book that completely went against my expectations. There are a few that I wasn’t sure whether I would like or not, but that was more because I wasn’t aware of the author before. Honestly, I don’t think there is a book that counts in this. I tend to like most things and I approach books with an open mind. I don’t like everything but there hasn’t been a book where I’ve thought, “I won’t like this,” and then I’ve been surprised. Sorry for the non-entry today!


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