30 Day Challenge – Day 10

Double figures and a third of the way through, woohoo! 

Today’s topic is a book that reminds me of home. The obvious choice would be The Odyssey since that is all about going home but I don’t want to start choosing that for everything. I don’t feel the strongest connection with home to be honest, i always consider home to be the place where I am at the present moment, so I have a few homes to choose from. 

The book that reminds me most about my literal home is All the King’s Horses by Jeffrey Asher Nesbit. It’s probably not a book that a lot of people have heard of. I received it as a gift when I was a child and it was one of those books that I kept returning to. There’s a lot going on and I don’t even know why I like it so much, it just always struck a chord with me. It’s set in America when segregation had just ended and it’s about a boy who just moved there. The overall tension is high and he also makes a friend, Cody, who has a sister suffering from a terrible illness. Even thought I haven’t read it for years the story sticks with me vividly and I suppose it reminds me of home just because I read it a lot at home when I was younger. 

I consider Canterbury, where I attended university, to be my spiritual home as that is where I started to discover who I am. I studied Philosophy so I read a lot of philosophical texts, and it’s where I discovered that I’m an existentialist. So really any philosophical work makes me think of Canterbury but I’ll picked Being & Nothingness  by Jean-Paul Sartre, since that is the first text I read about existentialism. 

My other home is Florida, where I spent a short amount of time that had an indelible effect on me. Perhaps the most important time of my life as I fell in love, and I can’t choose just one book because I find something that reminds me of her in all of them.


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