Movie Review – Carrie (2013)

Now I haven’t seen the original so I can’t compare it with that. I really only went to see this film because it stars Chloe Grace Moretz, as she’s one of my favourite actresses and I’ve enjoyed every film I’ve seen her in. I’m a little surprised that it’s classed as horror because it seemed to me to be more of a tragedy or a twisted superhero origin. 

Early on the film Carrie gets her period and due to her psycho mother (who is played very chillingly by Julianne Moore) she doesn’t realize that it’s completely natural. While she’s screaming and writhing in horror the other girls make fun of her and throw tampons until the gym teacher (Judy Greer) intervenes. 

A lot of horror films play on the symbolism of sex and here it plays a big part along with religion. I’m not a girl so I can’t comment on whether getting their period makes them feel similarly to Carrie, but Chloe Grace Moretz once again gives a wonderful performance. The last film I saw her in was Kick-Ass 2, where she played Hit Girl who is the polar opposite to Carrie. Here she’s a shy, vulnerable girl who is so afraid of being noticed, yet she shows a strength and fortitude that is reminiscent of Hit Girl. Through the film she’s ridiculed by her peers and terrorised by her mother, until she gets a glimmer of hope by being asked to prom by her crush. Of course there’s the infamous pig’s blood scene and then Carrie becomes badass, which is a totally awesome moment. 

I enjoyed the film a lot but it’s not perfect. There was one use when a character practically forgot she had a mobile phone, and I hate it when films do this. It makes a character do something in order to create tension but it feels false because you think, ‘why didn’t she simply call them?‘. I think the gym teacher probably wouldn’t have gotten away with some of the things she did in this film either, although I can understand why she did them. The other thing that irked me a little bit was the repeated shot of the pig’s blood dropped. It felt a bit too meta, as if it was calling attention to the scene because it was made so famous by the original, but it should have been left to play out as normal.

During the prom the action is ramped up and it leads to some really good sequences. I’d like to repeat, i don’t see how this is a horror. I was firmly on Carrie’s side and I enjoyed seeing her kick everyone’s asses. It was like an alternate version of Jean Grey, if Professor X hadn’t come and recruited her into the X-Men. Am I completely alone in this? The denouement comes when she confronts her mother and this is a very tragic sequence. 

So it has its faults, and honestly I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much had it not been Chloe Grace Moretz in the lead role because the film isn’t the deepest. It is a cut above standard slasher fare though, and the action scenes are cathartic enough that I feel suitably entertained by the time the film is over. 


2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Carrie (2013)

  1. I haven’t seen this version. The hubs and I watched the original on Halloween because we thought it would be scary, but sadly, it just left me feeling sleepy. I’m certainly not a bloodthirsty person (even though I tend to enjoy watching/reading gory things) but I found myself getting really impatient at the end. I wanted the carnage to begin because the film was just too boring. I probably won’t watch the new one because I’m not really a fan of the lead actress. I think that this is probably classed as horror because it is based on the book by Stephen King. I haven’t read the book, but I think that I will at some point because I’m sure that it must be better than the film (as most Stephen King books are).

    • The new one has just come out. I can see why it was classed as a horror, but to me it felt more like a tragedy or a twisted superhero origin. Parts of it were a bit flat, I liked it mostly because Moretz’s talent elevated the material. I think the carnage in this was at the right level to make the wait worthwhile.

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