Movie Review – Arthur Christmas (2011)

Ahhhh, the first Christmas film of the season. I usually wait until a week or so before Christmas before I start getting excited, but this film was on so I decided to watch it. It’s about the son of Santa who is seen as a bit of a bumbling fool. He still believes in the magic of Christmas but his father (Santa) and his brother (Steve) see it more as a mission, and they’ve lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas. A catastrophe happens when they miss a child out, so Arthur takes it upon himself to deliver the present. 

It’s a pretty good Christmas film. The Claus family has lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas, as have so many people over the world and there’s one man who has to remind them what Christmas is really about, with a suitably heartwarming ending. There were a lot of gags peppered throughout the film and a lot of the visual ones were really amusing. I loved the design of S-1, it was really sleek and reminded be a little bit of the NX-01 from Star Trek: Enterprise. 

There was a subplot where the world’s government thought that the sleigh was an alien craft and they pursed it across the world. I didn’t think this was really necessary other than padding out the film so it reached 90 minutes and it didn’t add much in the way of tension or humour. I did like the presentation of the North Pole and the Claus family. One of the things I like about modern Christmas films is how they portray Santa’s world and what developments they come up with. It also served as a metaphor for how simple Christmas really is, it’s just about knowing that someone is thinking about you. 

Enjoyable stuff, ideal to watch around this time of year. It’s on Sky Movies now so if you have a chance check it out!


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