30 Day Book Challenge – Day 19

My favourite book that was turned into a movie. I assume this means my favourite adaptation, not simply a book I like that was turned into a movie. I know some people get up in arms about adaptations and they always cry that the movie wasn’t as good as a book, but I try to judge them separately. I do admit that sometimes there is a disparity in quality. I’m discounting most comic books here because they tend to pull from different storylines when a movie is being made, but having said that my favourite adaptation is actually a graphic novel – Watchmen.

I love both the book and the movie. There are some differences between the two, and on the whole it’s a very divisive movie. I happened to see the movie before I read the graphic novel, and after it ended I had to take a few moments to digest what I’d seen. The film is great with some fantastic casting, amazing action and the score is unbelievable. It also features one of the best opening credit sequences ever made as well. I loved what it had to say about superheroes and the general message it was trying to convey. 

Then I read the graphic novel in one four-hour sitting. I had heard that previous it had been declared as ‘un-filmable’ and that the creator was vehemently against any attempts to make a movie. I read it and yeah there are plenty of obvious differences, and the graphic novel is so rich with depth that I think it would have been impossible to do a literal adaptation. I mean the way the graphic novel plays around with the text boxes and uses the extra material at the end of the issues wouldn’t have been able to be translated to a movie, but given all the consternation around it I was actually a little surprised at how faithfully some of the scenes had been recreated. 

I thought the film was a little tighter in a narrative sense, what with Dr. Manhattan being framed as the big bad, it helped make things more personal. The graphic novel is amazing as well though, and it definitely goes deeper and is more complex than the movie, but I think the movie is probably about the best adaptation there could ever be.

Watchmen is one of my favourite movies. Watchmen is one of my favourite books. I’m not sure there’s been another straight adaptation where both versions of the stories have ranked so highly for me, so that’s why I chose it. 


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