The Big Review of The Big Reunion

Yesterday I went to London and I had the delight of attending my first ever concert (which is probably surprising for some when you consider that I’m in my late twenties). The concert was The Big Reunion. For those of you who don’t know, The Big Reunion was a program on ITV earlier this year that reunited a number of bands from the 90s, 5ive, B*Witched, 911, Honeyz, Liberty X and Atomic Kitten. The boy band Blue were also a part of the show, but they left the tour earlier in the year, so they didn’t participate in last night’s show. 

This show was AMAZING! I was grinning from ear-to-ear almost the whole way through. I was never even much of a fan of most of them when I was younger, but the show was so fun it was impossible not to be infected by the enthusiasm of the performers or the crowd, which filled out a packed o2 Arena. 

The show ran for a little over two hours, with a twenty minute break in between parts (and the second part was a very nice surprise). The bands were all very grateful for the support of the fans and they seemed genuinely pleased of their success this year, and a number of them announced new projects that were borne from the popularity of this tour. There were also a lot of shout-outs to Olly Murs who was watching the show, but I found the continual references to him a little bizarre. There were also a couple of pregnancies in two of the groups so emotions were high all around.

The show got off to an explosive start with 5ive, B*Witched and 911 setting an energetic tone. There was a change of pace and a little lull after that as the Honeyz and Liberty X took the stage. It was interesting to gauge the reaction of the crowd, and the songs these groups performed were clearly not as well known as the ones that had preceded them. I was surprised at how big a cheer Liberty X received though, because I never thought they were that popular. It’s worth noting though that I didn’t know these songs as well as the others so I couldn’t sing a long, which obviously affected my enjoyment of them. However, the Honeyz did have possibly the most emotional moment of the night when one of them actually started to cry. Atomic Kitten rounded off the first part and they were quite strong, although Kerry Katona received some great cheers and I just don’t understand why everyone loves her so much, she sort of epitomizes everything that is wrong with the celebrity culture. 

After the twenty minute break the second part started and each group sang a Christmas song before uniting at the end to perform the song they are releasing soon for the benefit of six charities. This was the best part of the show because it spread Christmas cheer and each group was clearly enjoying their songs. 

Overall the concert was great. Earlier in the year ITV2 aired the first concert, and things have obviously been a lot more polished since then. Each group sang with gusto and passion and parts of the show were genuinely emotional as well as being a fun nostalgia trip. The high point for me by far was B*Witched singing Fairytale of New York. It’s one of my favourite Christmas songs and I wasn’t sure anyone would sing it because, let’s face it, the message of the song isn’t entirely wholesome and cheery, but they did and it was amazing. I’m actually glad that I got the tickets to this show rather than earlier on in the tour because having the extra Christmas songs was awesome. 


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