30 Day Book Challenge – Day 24

Six more days left, I’ll be finished just in time for Christmas! Today it’s a book I wish more people would have read. On a personal note I wish more of my friends had read the A Song of Ice and Fire series so I could talk about it with them and not have to worry about spoiling things for the show. 

On a serious note though, I wish people would read more classic literature, like The Epic of Gilgamesh or religious texts. There are a lot of people who get shocked at the nature of the world and some of the things that humans do to each other. The way I see the world is that it’s cyclical and a lot of things that happen now have been a part of society since the beginnings of human civilisation. A lot of things seem to happen over and over again, and perhaps by looking at historical texts we can actually identify these aspects of human nature and see where we can adjust our behaviour. 

I also wish that certain religious people could look at other religious texts and see how their different religions overlap. There is a lot of common ground between different religions and I think it would be beneficial if people focused on their similarities rather than their differences. 

So I wouldn’t necessarily say there’s one book that I wish more people would have read, I just wish people would read more, and try to be more willing to look at things outside the narrow scope of their own lives. 


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