30 Day Book Challenge – Day 25

A character I can relate to the most. There are a lot of these because I’m the type of person that sees himself in a lot of things, and I always imagine myself as the main character and I can always identify with their struggles. Perhaps that’s a little egotistical of me, but you know Elvis did the same thing (and consequently I see myself in him too). 

The obvious one is Spider-Man since I’m a very angst-ridden person who often feels that the world is against him…not that I’m paranoid. I’ve just always felt a close affinity with him and the way he handles his problems. However, the character that I can most relate to is actually James Parsons, from The Hero by W. Somerset Maugham. This was the first book of Maugham’s that I read and it was like he had looked into my soul and wrote down what he saw. I felt everything this character felt, and it was an insightful experience. This was the book that inspired me to write Fraudulent and although I relate to Maugham’s characters generally, this book is the one that reminds me most of myself. 


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