30 Day Book Challenge – Day 26

A book that changed my opinion about something. 


Nothing really leaps to mind for this one, because I think my opinions would be informed by multiple sources. If it’s anything it would be a philosophical book that I read while at uni, because those really opened my mind and gave me a lot of new ideas to think about. The biggest change in opinion I’ve ever had was when I stopped believing that there is a god, but that was more of a gradual thing and I wouldn’t say there was one specific book that changed my opinion about that. 

Other than that I think my opinions have remained pretty consistent. Even in biographies I haven’t encountered one where I’ve really changed how I think about someone, I’ve read ones about Elvis, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Etta James, Hank Williams, Orson Welles among others but I don’t really think any differently of them. 

I suppose one book is The Hero, which made me change my opinion of who my favourite writer is. Other than that I wouldn’t say any of my major opinions have been that heavily influenced by a single book. 


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