Board Game Review – Topix


Another party game here – Topix, published by Cheatwell Games. This is similar to Town & Country or Scattergories. You can play this individually up to four players or up to four teams. You’ll receive a piece of paper, a pencil and a card. At the start of a round each team will choose a topic and then they will write down as many answers they can think of beginning with a certain letter. This letter is decided by the player’s placement on the board. For example, you may have to think of Capital Cities beginning with ‘A’. Players have until the sand timer runs out to write down answers, then the sheets get passed to left. The timer is flipped again and you will try and think of answers that the previous player didn’t think of. Once everything has answered every category you will score points for each unique and accepted answer, and then move the corresponding spaces on the board. The player/team that makes it to the middle first wins.

This is another fun game. I really enjoy these types of games, and sometimes it can be really difficult. Most of the time the topics are “Things found in a…” and it’s always fun to try and think of unique answers. The part of the game that I enjoyed most was when we read through the answers and had to decide whether they were acceptable. One of the most contentious ones was a suggestion that people keep suits of armour in the attic. If anyone actually has a suit of armour in their attic I would love to hear from you. 

The game is the right length, and it actually gets quite tense at the end as you realize how many points people are from winning, so you may choose your category based on trying to prevent them from winning rather than choosing an easier one. There’s a lot of variety because the spaces all have different letters, and it doesn’t use every letter of the alphabet so you don’t get stuck with trying to think of things beginning with X (although there are spaces where you get to choose which letter you’ll be working with, so if you really want to use X you can). 

Topix comes with pencils, the board is sturdy and the paper is well-designed. It has different boxes for the category, the letter, the team names and the actual answers so it’s easy to see which team put which answers. I like the fact that every gets a chance to answer everyone’s else’s categories because it adds a little bit of a tactical element, but really it’s just a fun game where you list things. 


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