30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 2

Day 2’s topic is a movie that I have watched over three times. There are many movies that qualify for this, although recently I’ve been in the habit of almost exclusively watching new movies. There are far too many movies to list for this but some of them are:

Star Trek 1-9

Star Wars

Spider-Man 1,2,3


Saturday Night Fever


A Lot Like Love

Love, Actually

Jalihouse Rock




Dirty Harry

Dumb & Dumber

…and the list goes on. If I was going to alter this question I’d change it to movies I’ve seen 3 three times in the cinema, and that would be a much more limited list. I think that Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is the only one, although I may have seen Avengers three times as well. I know I at least saw it twice. 

Seeing a movie many times is strange because part of the joy of movie is watching stories unfold not knowing what is going to happen next. On repeated viewings, especially watching things ten times or more, you know every beat and there are some films that I can almost recite line-for-line. I think the more we watch movies the more personal resonance they take on for us, and we start to identify them with times in our lives. For me I always watch Love, Actually on Christmas Eve, for example, and it reminds me of when the tradition started with my friends at uni. There are other films that remind me of certain people and that’s one of the things I love about films, even though they can be seen by millions, sometimes billions of people, they can still be very personal and in some way owned by you. 


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