30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 10 – A FIlm That Reminds Me of Home

Easy. Titanic is set in Southampton, which is where I live. 

For a more serious answer it would have to be Saving Mr. Banks. I’ve never thought of myself as having one home because I don’t think it just means the place where you live, to me it also means a place where you were happy and where you really felt in touch with yourself. When I was younger and my Nan used to look after me we’d more often than not watch Mary Poppins. Obviously a major theme in that is family so when I watched Saving Mr. Banks it brought all those memories up and it also affected me more because I’m more aware of my relationship with my family than I was when I was a child. But also it reminded me of my time in America when I worked at Disneyworld because that was another home to me as well. It wasn’t just the place but it was the whole experience that deeply changed me as a person and I can honestly say that I haven’t been the same since I’ve been back. 

Saving Mr. Banks affected me on a deeply personal level mostly because of these factors. So while it doesn’t geographically match my homes (even though the film is set in America it was in Disneyland, not Disneyworld, which is where I worked) it does make me think of the places I’ve been and how they have affected me.


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