30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 11: A Film I Hated

Usually I’m pretty easy going when it comes to films. As long as there’s something I can latch onto I’ll class it as watchable but there are some films that just make me irate. A few that spring to mind instantly are Man of Steel, World War Z and The Human Centipede. However, the film that I hate the most is Rachel Getting Married

The story centers around Kym (played by Anne Hathaway) who comes out of rehab for her sister’s wedding. Everyone treats her strangely and they’re not sure whether they can trust her to be responsible, but that mistrust exacerbates the situation and causes Kym to become a little unhinged and there’s a lot of tension between the family and there’s arguments and blah blah blah…

This film was godawful ugh it actually depresses me to think about it. Usually even if I watch a bad film I don’t mind because most things have at least one redeeming feature but this is just devoid of anything resembling quality. The whole film is just a bore and it’s like watching a home video of people you have no attachment too. I mean one of the main sequences is a contest between the father of the bride and the groom to see who can empty the dishwasher more quickly! Yes, we actually have to watch a dishwasher being emptied twice. It’s just baffling how some films get made. Who the hell finds that interesting?! 

Even the character drama wasn’t that good and Anne Hathaway couldn’t save this film. There conflict between characters was there but there was never any reason to sympathize with any of them. There was nothing in this film worth watching. After the wedding there was even a sequence where we had to watch people dancing for ten minutes. If the goal of this film was to bore people to death then it almost succeeded with me.

I can’t even write any more because I can feel the anger boiling up inside me. This film is just horrible and awful and I don’t understand why it was made or how it exists. I mean a race to empty the dishwasher. Come on. 

And the worse thing is there were actually awards given to it! 

*shakes head in disbelief*


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