30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 12 – A Movie I Love Yet Hate at the Same Time

Honestly I really struggle with these types of questions but I think the answer will have to be Spider-Man. I love that film so much, yet the ending frustrates me no end because I just want him to kiss Mary-Jane! 

I don’t really like these questions though, if I love something I won’t hate it and if I hate something I won’t watch it. There are films I do enjoy a lot that I realize have their problems, I mean Road House is probably the cheesiest film ever made yet I love it dearly. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier also has many problems but I love it. 

I suppose another valid choice would be Man of Steel. I like the fact that it has actually given Superman a commercially-successful film to springboard a series because Superman should have a regular film series coming out, but I really hate that movie.


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