30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 13 – My Favourite Director

For a long time Martin Scorsese was my favourite and I still hold him in high esteem, I love his style and the quality of his movies. There are still a few I haven’t seen (much to my shame) but I have seen most of them and I’m looking forward to The Wolf of Wall Street (look out for a review of that at the weekend). But in the end I think my favourite director is the same as my favourite actor – Clint Eastwood. 

As an actor he’s tough, uncompromising and is a defining embodiment of masculinity in the 20th Century. As a director he shows a deft touch, a great eye for storytelling and a real talent for getting to the core emotion of a story. His films are filled with strong characters and pretty much every one I’ve watched I’ve loved. He produces great films so consistently, and whether he acts in them or not they’re all really smart stories with a lot of gravitas. And they’re always filled with great talent as well. But I’m looking at his IMDB page now and I was going to list all the ones I think are great movies but honestly it would take too long because it’s practically all of them. 


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