30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 15 – Favourite Male Character

I’m only going to go with ones that are original to movies otherwise I’d just say Spider-Man and be done with it. I’m also not going to choose a real person that has been depicted in films and I’m also not going to pick characters who originated on television shows, this is purely just going to be a character in a movie. 

I’m thinking of this at the moment and I’m not sure whether to go for someone I really like or a character that I think is very interesting even though they could be a despicable villain. I also think sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the actor and the character; sometimes the two can get so joined together I mean, if I chose John Matrix from Commando would I really be choosing him or would I be choosing Arnie. I also have to stop myself from choosing robots even though a lot of those are designated as male. 

This is really hard because there are so many great characters out there but I have to go with Rick in Casablanca. Humphrey Bogart is one of my favourite actors but Rick is a character is just awesome. I can really identify with the jaded, cynical persona yet he still holds onto the hope and love that he once had. And even though he’s been running away from it it only takes one reminder and he’s plunged back into a deep despair. Under his cold, callous exterior there beats the heart of a romantic and yet he still sacrifices his and Ilsa’s love for the greater good. He’s a very human hero in that his heroics aren’t overblown grand gestures but rather they’re the right thing to do at the expense of his own happiness. 

Also, the dude has style.


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