30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 24 – A Film I wish More People Would Have Watched

Hmm. I do love obscure movies and I always try and recommend them to friends but sometimes there are very popular films that go under the radar. The obvious example for me is Gone With the Wind because I think a lot people around my age and younger won’t get the opportunity to watch it. But some of the obscurer films I think are really good are –

Franklyn – One of my favouite films of all time. It is a bit slow to start but it’s really interesting and its central message is “Life is about the people you haven’t met yet.”

The Incredible Shrinking Man – This is a really cool movie from the 50s that tells the story of a man who gets exposed to radiation and ends up shrinking in size. The end scene is one of the most powerful I’ve witnessed. 

Downfall – This German film tells the story of the last days in Hitler’s bunker. It’s a great film because it doesn’t seek to humanize nor treat Hitler as a monster, it shows the human aspect of the last days and it’s really intense. Great movie. 

Ong-Bak: The Beginning – The first Ong-Bak was really good but it was a bit raw around the edges, the third is rubbish, the second, however, is slick and well-produced and it all just works. Tony Jaa is an incredible performer and the stunts are amazing. The scope is larger than in the first film and has more of an interesting narrative. 

Mystery Men – This one often gets overlooked since the movie world is dominated with actual superheros but this one is great fun and still holds up well against the Marvel movies. 



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