30 Day Movie Challenge Day 29 – A Movie Everyone Hated but I Liked

Oh where to begin. I’m notorious with my friends for liking some questionable movies. I feel like I’m quite forgiving with movies and as long as they provide a basic sense of entertainment I’m usually satisfied, or if there’s a cool concept or something that I haven’t seen much of. What really annoys me with movies is when they don’t live up to their potential or they’re just boring. I think the main one that most people seem to hate, at least in fandom, is Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I know it has its problems but I really do enjoy it, I think it captures the relationship between Kirk, Spock and Bones really well and it’s quite ambitious in its own way. I love loads of Nicolas Cage movies as well, I actually though Drive Angry was really good. 

Another one is Spider-Man 3, which I actually don’t mind. It’s certainly not as good as it should have been and there was a lot of unnecessary stuff shoe-horned in there but there was enough there to keep me satisfied. I also really liked The Lone Ranger from 2013. It got completely trashed by pretty much everyone but I watched it and, yeah, I admit that it gets bogged down in the middle and the stuff with old Tonto is just weird but the climax of the film is superb, the minute the William Tell Overture comes thundering in I had the biggest smile on my face it was exactly like pulp movies of old, and I actually enjoyed watching it (compare that to the dreary Man of Steel).

I also love quite a lot of cheesy romcoms as well, but we won’t go into those here! 


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