Movie Review – Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2011)

The synopsis for this said it was set in 19th Century China and focuses on two women who strive to maintain their friendship through the changing courses of their lives. That’s somewhat true, but the majority of the story focuses on the present day…with two women who are striving to maintain their friendship through the changing courses of their lives. So it’s not exactly what I expected. 

For the most part I liked it and it managed to hold my interest, which is saying a lot because I was incredibly tired. The stories are equally entertaining and I liked how it shows the struggles are similar even though years have passed. However, the flashing between periods is at times erratic and sometimes it took a moment for me to adjust and realize which characters I was watching. I like the central theme of the laotong, which is when two female friends make a bond with each other to be sworn sisters. It was something that I had never heard of before and I think it’s a fascinating concept, and at the very least I’m glad I watched this film because it made me aware of it. 

I think that people who have felt similar bonds will enjoy this film, and it may even make you feel sad if you remember a close friend that you lost touch with. I also think that it’s good that a film does focus on friendship love rather than romantic love because it’s not given as much focus as it perhaps should be. 

Another plus for the film is that someway through Hugh Jackman shows up! Mr. Wolverine himself! He doesn’t have a truly major role but his presence does give the film something for us Hollywood lovers to enjoy. 

Overall I think it’s fairly interesting but like some other films I’ve recently reviewed it doesn’t quite reach the levels I was hoping for. It’s quite slow in parts and I don’t think either story is as interesting as they could have been, but both of them together make a film that’s a more than decent and teetering on the edge of good. I wouldn’t watch it again, but it had enough there to keep me interested.


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