Movie Review – Hollow Man 2 (2006)

Director: Claudio Faeh

Stars: Christian Slater, Peter Facinelli, Laura Regan, David McIlwraith, Sarah Deakins

The military has been able to stabilize the serum from Hollow Man and have used it to create an invisible assassin to take out political targets. However, he’s recently good off-plan and is attacking people who he deems unworthy to live. It falls to an ordinary cop to stop him and uncover the military’s mistakes for all the world to see.

I actually thought this wasn’t too bad. It’s not much of  a step down from Hollow Man really. I liked that the experiment had already taken place so we could get right into the action. Some of the effects were good and unlike the first film this took place outside of a lab so we saw how the Hollow Man interacted when he was out in the world.

It’s still not that good of a movie though and its wholly average with nothing to set it apart from anything else. As with the first film there aren’t many scares and a lot of the dialogue is really, truly terrible. The characters are bland, but the chase aspect lends some tension to the movie.

I quite liked how it ended as well, and it shows how there could be a different take on the Hollow Man concept. This one felt too similar to the first film as the subject was again quite a creep when it came to women. There was a little dialogue about how he does what he does because he sees everything, even what people do when they’re alone, and I like this ‘God gone mad’ concept but it wasn’t explored fully in either film and I think it’s a huge missed opportunity, because even though they’re not great films they could have at least attempted to say something and that would have given them a bit more substance and merit. As it is this, like the first film, is somewhat forgettable and has less talented actors.


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