Movie Review – Bad Meat (2011)

Director: Lulu Jarmen

Stars: Mark Pellegrino, Dave Franco, Elisabeth Harnois, Tahj Mowry, Jessica Parker Kennedy

A bunch of delinquents get sent to a boot camp where the counsellors are perverse bullies that delight in torturing their new chargers. However, after eating some bad meat they succomb to a virus that causes them to become cannibals, so the teenagers have an even bigger danger to fight against. 

This film, well, apparently it suffered from a lot of problems during production and this can be seen in the final version. There’s probably a decent film in here somewhere but along the way it got lost. While the main focus of the story is the stuff at the boot camp there are frequent cuts away to a hospital room where a bandaged survivor lies in a hospital bed. The actors who play the counsellors perform their roles with relish and I did like how they acted when they were infected by the virus, they were very primal and animalistic, and quite scary. 

The characters aren’t explored to any great extent however, so we don’t get a sense of who we’re rooting for and why. Just as the film begins to get interesting it ends abruptly with no resolution and it’s simply not worth the time it takes to watch. There are also a number of strange edits in the film, and it feels like the actual ending has been cut completely. I can’t recommend this one. I suppose it’s a shame that it got truncated by whatever problems they had while making it, but sadly they weren’t able to salvage a decent movie out of it.


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