Movie Review – Black Sheep (2006)

Director: Jonathan King

Stars: Nathan Meister, Peter Feeney, Danielle Mason, Tammy Davis, Oliver Driver

I mutton be sheepish when writing this review. I hope ewe won’t lamb-ast me for making some baaaaaad puns. I’ll stop now. On a farm in New Zealand, scientific experiments turn sheep into zombies.

It’s a pretty decent horror-comedy. I thought the actors committed to it and there were a few genuinely funny moments. The gore was done well too and it is quite bloody in parts, but it’s also done in a way that adds to the comedic, over the top tone. It’s a new twist on the zombie genre and while it’s not the best horror film out there I never thought I’d see a herd of sheep appear to be so ominous. It’s a decent watch, not one that I’d recommend to everyone. I think you definitely need to be in the mood for it. I am a bit surprised they didn’t call it Shorn of the Dead though.


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