Movie Review – Genevieve (1953)

Director: Henry Cornelius

Stars: John Gregson, Dinah Sheridan, Kenneth More, Kay Kendall

It’s time for the annual London to Brighton antique car rally and Alan (Gregson) and Ambrose (More) let their love for their cars overshadow their friendship. They soon find themselves having a bet to see who can make the journey most quickly, and their suffering partners are stuck along for the ride.

This is a charming film that made me nostalgic for a Britain that doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t think a film like this would get made nowadays, although I’m hoping that Dad’s Army will capture the same spirit. It’s a time when the laws of the road were a little different and policemen were far more lenient. There’s a lot of comedy ranging from slapstick to dry wit, and all of the performers played off each other well.

I liked seeing the antique cars run along and the scenery was nice. It’s a bit of a time capsule for quaint Englishness, although there is a bit of an edge to the film as Alan thinks his wife is having an affair with Ambrose, but it does have a wholesome feel to it. I think it’s one that’s worth seeking out as it’s a different type of comedy than we get nowadays.


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