And Now For Something Not Completely Different…Taking Stock and Plans for the Future

For the best part of a year now (could be more or less, I’m a bit hazy when it comes to the passage of time) I’ve been posting daily to this blog. The vast majority of these are movie and book reviews, with the odd game review or miscellaneous post sprinkled in. Since it’s coming up to Christmas and the end of the year I thought I’d just take a brief moment to talk about my blog and how I hope to make it grow in the future.

You may or may not know that I’m actually a writer. I do have books available on Amazon, and you can find more details about these by clicking to the relevant tab at the top of the page. Aside from those I write freelance for a number of clients so I use this blog as my ‘fun’ writing, that is to say the writing that I do to relax. I genuinely enjoy writing reviews and offering my thoughts on a variety of topics. My goal with all the movies, aside from offering my opinions about the big releases, is to champion those obscure movies that fly under the radar, and warn people against boring, rubbish films. I watch a hell of a lot of movies and I like to think I do a good job at bringing attention to a variety of films. The books and other reviews I do are basically to break things up a little bit and offer something different, because I don’t read enough books to make one review per day!

But I just thought I’d throw it out there – if anyone wants to respond and give me a bit of feedback it would be appreciated. Is there anything else you think I could offer with my blog? I’m going to be doing a top 10 of the year after Christmas. I was thinking of doing some more top 10s in the future, as I think they’d be fun to put together (I might do a top 10 worst films of the year as well). I’d also love to do a Q&A type thing as well, although I’m not entirely sure how that would work logistically. I basically want to try and encourage more interaction on my blog, because I’d love to hear what other people think.

One thing I’m considering is to start a podcast, although I have no idea how to go about doing that. But I would like a co-host because I think the dynamic would be much better with two people. If anyone is interested give me a shout and we’ll discuss it, it’s just something I think would be fun, and I’d be able to talk about recent news in the movie world as well as doing a few different things.

Other than that I’m still going to post the reviews. I’m still going to watch a lot of movies, at current count I’ve seen just over 2700 so even if I stopped watching movies now there are plenty that I haven’t reviewed. I might start going through my favourite films and reviewing them at some point, because at the moment I review films as I watch them. I want to get more board games reviewed as well because there are a few cool ones I’ve played since I did my last one, it’s just a bit of a pain to set them up for pictures. I’m going to be getting a whole load of books for Christmas as well so you’ll see a lot of book reviews coming in the New Year.

So yes, I just wanted to say thanks for those who read my reviews and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. If there are any ideas you have for ways to improve my blog please let me know! I know it’s not for a few days yet but I sincerely hope everyone has a merry Christmas (or happy holiday celebration of your choice) and a very good New Year.


4 thoughts on “And Now For Something Not Completely Different…Taking Stock and Plans for the Future

  1. I would really like to help with a podcast but don’t think I would get the time. (Could be possible though.) I do know that my friend Craig is writing a movie blog and may be interested.
    Generally, I think you could add some pictures or videos, trailers for films. Video review or upload trailers to YouTube with links to your site maybe?

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