Weekend Break: Pseudonym or Real Name?

No new reviews from me this weekend (well, maybe I’ll post something tomorrow). I’ve watched a few movies recently but many of them haven’t inspired me to write anything about them. I’m heading to Brighton today for a trip with some friends, so I’m excited for that. I do have a question to ask you though, loyal readers, as I have a new book coming out next week and I’m unsure whether to use a pseudonym or not. The book is based on actual experiences, although I don’t use real names. I’m also trying to be frank and honest, so I’m somewhat wary of any potential fallout from the release. Yet I also know it’ll be easier to promote if I use my actual name, and it may also lead to people checking out my other books on Amazon.

Have you ever written anything that you feel like you might need a pseudonym for? Have you written anything about real people, and if so has there been any fallout from it? I’d love to hear any advice anyone can offer.

Also, I posted about it a couple of weeks ago but I am back on Twitter @manofyesterday1 and I’d love to build up my following and get more diversity in my feed, so if you want another follower either follow me or leave your handle in the comments and I’ll follow you!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Break: Pseudonym or Real Name?

  1. I’ve not got any experience with that particular field, but I’d say using your real name would really help to reinforce the honesty in the book. Plus, like you say, it’d lead to added publicity for your other stuff! At any rate, looking forward to the release!

  2. I know I’m late but I wanted to comment. How would you be able to do any in-person publicity using a pseudonym when any family member or friend that may be there at the festivity would see you and know who you are?

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