A New Release! Love at First Type: A Chronicle of Addiction to Online Dating


Yes! I have a new book that has just come out (I figured Valentine’s Day was as good a day as any). I mostly work freelance so I don’t get the chance to work on my own stuff as much as I used to, hence why I haven’t released too many things recently. This is different from my other works as it’s non-fiction and taken from my own experiences of online dating. Here’s the description –

We’ve all searched for love at one time or another and a popular way is to use online dating. I’m not going to bore you with statistics, but studies have shown a great many people find their partners online. It can be a great way to get to know a potential partner, and to connect with people you otherwise would never have encountered. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

This book collects the bizarre, notable, and downright tragic experiences spanning three years on a popular dating site as I try to analyse my attitudes towards online dating and reflect on what I’ve learnt, and how I’ve changed because of it.

It’s not that long, but it’s just a collection of my journey through dating over the past three years. I talk about how my attitudes changed as I reflect on the way I approached dating and I analyse what made me continue with it even after some setbacks. I’d love any feedback so if any of you book bloggers out there want a copy for review get in touch!


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