Book Review – The Walking Dead vol. 18: What Comes After by Robert Kirkman & Others


Told you there were more to come. This volume gives a bit more insight into Negan and his group, while also continuing how his arrival has affected Rick and the group. It provides a opportunities for good drama, although some of the arguments do get resolved a little easily, which is a flaw that has been with the series since its inception, at least in my opinion. As well as highlighting Negan this is the first time in a while that Carl has had a chance to shine as well. I’ve always enjoyed Carl as a character. I know that in the tv show he was loathed at the beginning, but I think his tv counterpart is slowly catching up to the comics version. It’s interesting to see how growing up in this world is shaping Carl and how he decides to deal with things.

Negan’s group provides another look at how people in the zombie apocalypse have survived and this volume made me really like Negan as a character. I almost feel guilty for saying that because he’s obviously a bad person, but Kirkman writes him with such charisma that it’s almost impossible to not enjoy him. He’s the type of bad guy you love to hate, whereas in contrast the Governor was just a horrible person who I wanted to see die, but with Negan there’s a little part of me that almost wants him to succeed. Just a little part. I really shouldn’t be thinking like that but he’s just a blast to read.

The rest of the world gets opened up as well with the introduction of an instantly memorable character, and although I enjoy the tv series reading the comics makes me wish they would hurry up and get to what is coming.

Damn me and my impatience.


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