Movie Review – Wonder Woman (2009)

Director: Lauren Montgomery

Stars: Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Alfred Molina, Rosario Dawson, Marg Helgenberger, Oliver Platt, Virginia Madsen, Vicki Lewis

The Amazons, led by Hippolyta, are held on the hidden island of Themyscria when pilot Steve Trevor inadvertently crash lands. He meets Diana, daughter of Hippolyta, and the two of them return to America, with Diana given the object of capturing Ares who escaped in the confusion. The Amazon and the human must work together and try to overcome their mutual prejudice as the looming threat grows, not only endangering humanity but also the gods of Olympus.

Continuing my journey through the DC animated movies brings me to Wonder Woman. I’ve never read a Wonder Woman comic nor have I ever seen the classic tv series. I’ve only been exposed to her in the wider popular culture and in group stories, so I know the broad outlines. I found this movie to be very entertaining. I’m a big fan of Greek mythology so I enjoyed the culture being shown here. The relationship between Diana and Steve was entertaining and I felt the film made a good point in saying that communication is something that both parties have to work on in coming to a better understanding.

The cultural differences between the Amazons and humans made for some fun laughs, as did the lasso of truth. The action was cool, especially in the early battle. There was a great joke near the end as well regarding the invisible jet. I enjoyed the supporting characters too, especially Artemis, as well as the appearance by a gluttonous Hades.

I feel Wonder Woman does a good job at introducing the character as well as giving her a strong personality. The story and villains are good, and it makes a wider point about communicating with one another to understand each other, which is a common point made in fiction but sadly it’s one that bears repeating for humanity sometimes seems intent on sticking rigidly to preconceived notions about things.


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