Movie Review – Superman: Unbound (2013)

Director: James Tucker

Stars: Matt Bomer, Stana Katic, John Noble, Molly C. Quinn

Superman and Supergirl take on Brainiac, who has been capturing cities and bottling them, and now he comes to Earth.

Superman: Unbound is probably one of the more average films compared with some of the other DC animated movies, but it’s still entertaining. The main story deals with the differences between Superman and Supergirl. Clark has lived on Earth his whole life and although his planet blew up he never really knew anyone there, but Supergirl feels the loss, and she hasn’t adjusted to life on Earth yet. She also has to deal with the trauma of seeing Kandor ripped from the ground by Brainiac, and struggles to live up to the responsibility that her powers give her (hello Spider-Man).

There’s a lot of action but there are also some slower character moments involving Supergirl that I liked. I think it does a good job of balancing the two characters and showing how they’re different but also their similarities as well. Lois gets some good moments too, and in this film the status of their relationship is one where she knows he’s Superman but nobody knows they’re together (seems like they have a different relationship status in every film).

The one thing I didn’t care for at first was the design of the characters. It didn’t seem as fluid or smooth as some of the other films, and it took me a while to get used to it, but it’s still a fun movie.


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