Movie Review – Homefront (2013)

Director: Gary Fleder

Stars: Jason Statham, James Franco, Izabela Vidovic, Kate Bosworth, Marcus Hester, Clancy Brown, Winona Ryder

A former DEA agent moves to a small, backwater town with his daugher after the death of his wife in the hope of starting a new life. However, trouble soon follows him as he encounters a local meth dealer and riles up the community.

With a script by Sylvester Stallone, Homefront is a fun action movie that packs a lot of punch. Statham is his usual wry self and stomps through the film with little patience. I’m a huge fan of Franco, but I feel he was miscast here as he came across as James Franco more than the character he was playing, and I didn’t get a truly menacing vibe from him. The plot is pretty standard fare but the setting is pretty cool and there are some good set-pieces.

Even though the family ‘drama’ between the father and daughter isn’t anything new it’s still enough to entertain me, and the action scenes are satisfying enough. It’s not a must watch but if you’re craving a bit of action and you’re a fan of Jason Statham then you could do much worse than check this one out.


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