Reverse Engineering for Dungeons and Dragons

My friend started a blog about his process of adapting an old RPG video game into a D&D campaign. Give it a read!


I and a few of my friends enjoy playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons whenever we can organise to all be in the same place at the same time. For one of us though it takes a bit more forward planning then just turning up. So far we’ve done a few pre-made campaigns and are currently thoroughly enjoying working our way through the starter box story for 5th edition.

My experience of pre-made campaigns has been fairly mixed, I have experienced them as both a player and a DM. Our current DM is currently doing a grand job, mixing between following the source material and improvising encounters to flesh out the content.

I’ve always planned to write my own adventure one day. For me the problem with pre-made adventures is that I can’t keep track of everything in the story and at times this disrupts the flow of the…

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