Movie Review – Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2014)

Director: Alex Holmes

This documentary covers the career of Lance Armstrong, the man who went from being America’s hero to being revealed as a fraud, and stripped of his Tour de France titles.

The story of Lance Armstrong was unbelievable at the time. Here was a man who had survived cancer, started a foundation, helped millions of people around the world, and rose to the peak of his sport, and it was all based on a lie. It’s a real shame because the man obviously had talent, but even in his early career the documentary shows that he was prone to cheating, as he paid off opponents to win a race.

The testimonies from his former friends and colleagues were revealing and sometimes harrowing. To hear some of the stuff they went through was just incredible. And he almost got away with it too, slipping away from Federal Investigations and court cases, until it all came crashing down. It’s a compelling movie and makes you realize how manipulative Armstrong was, especially towards the end when he’s still not able to completely own up to some of the lies he told.

I’d recommend this to everyone,  not just people who are fans of cycling, because it shows how the truth can change things dramatically, and how far people will go to fight for a lie.

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