DMing 101: World Building

Stay-At-Home Gaming

Dice“The fates need a cave to live in after all.”

This week we’ll be looking at one of my personal favorite parts about running a game, and that my friends is world building.

The Dungeon Masters knowledge and creativity regarding the setting that their game is set in can make a mediocre adventure into a great one, and a great adventure into something truly epic. Whether you use a pre-imagined world, already rich with lore and history, or make one up entirely new and fresh, world building is incredibly important. World building, is like developing the setting of  a novel, it may not be the focus of the piece, but it’s what gives everything around it life. One of the greatest examples of this would be JRR Tolkien’s seminal work, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. An argument could be made that the plot of these three books was simple…

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