Movie Review – We Could Be King (2014)

Director: Judd Ehrlich

Two rival high schools are merged into one and a first time head-coach, along with a new principle, have to try and bridge the gap to inspire young men to become the heroes of the community.

We Could Be King shows what importance sports have to the community and how it can provide some medicine for the rigors of daily life. The team had a very poor record, and the documentary highlights a number of the players, showing their struggles with the academic side as well as their progress on the field. There’s a lot of match footage and a lot of interviews. Everyone comes across as being earnest and wanting to help and do their best, but are held back by their situation.

I do feel the documentary could have been a little longer and given more insight into more of the players, and I would also have liked more shown to highlight the rivalry of the schools because that aspect didn’t come through too well. But other than that I think it’s a good look at what these schools have to deal with and how good people with good intentions can make a difference.


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