Movie Review – Jeune & Jolie (2013)

Director: Francois Ozon

Stars: Marin Vacth, Geraldine Pailhas, Frederic Pierrot, Fantin Ravat, Johan Leysen

Isabelle (Vacth) is a seventeen year old girl who loses her virginity to a German boy. However, the experience does not leave her fulfilled and when she starts to go to college she supplements her time by working as a prostitute, using a website to meet clients. One in particular is a much older man who she forms a connection with. The film is split into four seasons and a song marks the passing of each period of time.

This is a French film and it comes with the hallmark of French cinema. It feels very easygoing with a smooth pace that unfolds, and the French seem to make a lot of films dealing with young girls going into prostitution. The film doesn’t judge Isabelle, and it doesn’t really explain her actions. When the film jumps between the first two seasons she’s already in the world of prostitution so there’s no moment where we see her decide. But it’s clear she feels distant from the world, and her first experience held no pleasure for her.

And in my opinion the film is okay. It doesn’t offer much different to other films dealing with the same subject, and the ending didn’t have any great impact upon me. I initially liked the idea of having each season punctuated with a song, but I would have liked them to have gone further with this and have the film been more present in the season, because they actually felt largely the same.

So I don’t give this my full recommendation but it’s okay to watch on a late night. I’d recommend Elles over this one though.


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