Movie Review – Beyond Clueless (2014)

Director: Charlie Lyne

Narrated by: Fairuza Balk

Beyond Clueless moves through teenage movies and examines the ingredients that go into making sense of the turbulent teenage years.

I’m a cinephile and I do love teenage movies, even though I’m further away from my teenage years than I’d like to admit. I was hoping for some good critical analysis of teenage films, but what Beyond Clueless amounts to is a clip show of random teen movies. It doesn’t highlight any notable films, and there’s not even a mention of John Hughes, who basically invented the genre.

It spends time on some bizarre choices, like Bubble Boy and it doesn’t really go into much depth about how teenage movies have changed through the years, or common elements between them all. It’s all rather lacking, and it even brings in Spider-Man towards the end, which, yeah I love Spider-Man and everything and he’s a teenager but I wouldn’t have classed Spider-Man as a teenage film.

So as a documentary I found it lacking, but if you want to sit through a clip show of 90s teenage movies then this is something you might like to watch.


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