Movie Review – In Your Eyes (2014)

Director: Brin Hill

Stars: Zoe Kazan, Michael Stahl-David, Mark Feuerstein, Jennifer Grey, Nikki Reed, Steve Howey, Steve Harris

Two strangers across the country discover that they have a telepathic bond. They share everything they can sense, think, and feel, which leads to an unbreakable bond.

After I watched the film I discovered it was written by Joss Whedon, so the quality of the script should have been no surprise. It’s basically a fantasy film, and In Your Eyes requires a suspension of disbelief to accept the conceit that two people can have a telepathic connection. There’s no reason other than it just happens. I’m willing to be taken along for the ride in a story, but others may not be so that’s something to take into consideration.

The difference between the two people is reflected in their environment. Rebecca (Kazan) is in the chilly state of New Hampshire, and she’s a vulnerable woman with a husband who cares for her in more of a protective way than a loving way, while Dylan (Stahl-David) is in the arid desert. He’s a convict on parole with a life that’s basically a shadow, and through their connection they find some strength and self-belief. It’s a testament to the script, the actors, and the director that the chemistry between them is so strong because the film manages to generate a strong romance without the people meeting.

There are some really interesting scenes, like when they first see themselves through each other’s eyes, and it brings up the discussions about how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. The film makes good use of the senses and the sizzling sensations are palpable. It gives equal focus to the various problems in their lives, although I have to admit that sometimes they are rather brazen; talking to themselves (each other) in broad daylight when it’s clear they aren’t wearing bluetooth headsets or anything. It symbolizes the feeling of when you’re in love and you simply can’t resist speaking to them and get wrapped up in your own world, but it was somewhat irresponsible.

Overall I’m a sucker for this type of romantic story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a bit unconventional but it’s a really strong romance and the film explores the idea of a telepathic connection well. It also ends at a point that I think is perfect, so definitely check this one out if you’re looking for a heartfelt romantic story.


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