Movie Review – The Package (1989)

Director: Andrew Davis

Stars: Gene Hackman, Tommy Lee Jones, Joanna Cassidy, John Heard

Johnny Gallagher (Hackman) is escorting a prisoner (Jones) when he escapes, and Gallagher has to risk everything to get him back. But as he hunts the prisoner he uncovers a wider conspiracy that could threaten the delicate political balance that exists between American and Russia.

The Package¬†didn’t work for me at all. It started off pretty well and I was looking forward to the manhunt. The action was good and tense, and the shootouts were well-done. Even the tension was handled well but the story as a whole just didn’t grab me. The plot seemed rather convoluted and there were so many antagonists that none of them were developed well. Hackman did a good job of carrying the film but I didn’t feel invested in the storyline.

It’s much more of a plot-driven drama than a character-driven one, and the plot didn’t appeal to me. But if you like Cold War thrillers then this might be one you want to check out but I didn’t like it.


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