Movie Review – Hunter Prey (2010)

Director: Sandy Collora

Stars: Clark Bartram, Damion Poitier, Sandy Collora, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Erin Grey, Simon Cotton

When the Prometheus crashes on a barren planet, a dangerous prisoner escapes. With extraction not for another 90 hours the three survivors play a deadly cat and mouse game.

Hunter Prey has a low rating on IMDB and Netflix but don’t let this dissuade you, I found it to be a hidden gem that harkens back to classic episodes of sci-fi series. There’s a twist early on which impressed me, and the film continually kept me engaged. Despite the small cast it manages to develop a whole galaxy, and as the film moves along I got a sense of the political stance of these alien races. There are only a few characters but this is good as it gives them time to show their own personalities and fears. They’re not simple monsters. They have their own agendas and their own fears and doubts.

The environment is a stark desert with the harsh sun blazing down on them all. Think of films like Enemy Mine or the Star Trek episode Arena and you have a sense of where this film is coming from. It does a lot with very little, and while there are a few actions that might seem ambiguous or out of character (especially one towards the end of the film that could have been made much clearer) overall I found it to be a solid piece of work. Really interesting presentation of the galaxy and I would actually love to see more stories set in this world. Definitely give this one a chance.


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