Book Review – Three Brothers by Peter Ackroyd


Harry, Daniel, and Sam are three brothers who each take very different paths through life. And yet, they seem inextricably linked by an ethereal thread, and by the city of London.

Three Brothers is the first in a series of reviews that are going to have a globe-trotting theme. Although I’m starting close to home. From the outset the book makes it clear that there is something special uniting these brothers but I liked how Ackroyd manages to differentiate them quickly. The story is told with an easy-to-read style and flows quite naturally, the chapters shifting focus from brother to brother to brother.

London is a strong presence in the book as well, as the author describes the different parts from wealthy publishing houses to gentlemen’s clubs, to sleazy pubs etc. It showed the different sides of life very well and I found each brothers’ story to be interesting, especially how they intertwined.

But while there is something supernatural hinted, I felt like it could have been made more explicit, and that’s my one complaint with the novel. Otherwise it was an enjoyable read with some interesting plot developments and nice character moments.


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