The Return & New Services Offered

I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties over the past few weeks. I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes it seems very draining and I just want to drop off the radar for a while. It’s coincided with a lull in my activity over on Goodreads, and honestly I find it quite hard to keep up the marketing for my books when it doesn’t seem to have much of an effect. Plus, sometimes I just want to step back and excise myself from the internet bubble a little bit. However, I am going to endeavour to make more of an effort to update my blog regularly (part of the problem is that usually I’d post movie reviews to my blog but most of those have been going to Flickering Myth). 

I’ve also decided to start doing some freelancing work. I have dabbled with writing articles before, but now I’m branching out with proofreading, editing and formatting books for Kindle. I know that it can be very hard for indie authors to get their books proofread and edited, and some people may not feel confident with formatting their books, so I’m here to offer my help for a nominal fee that will depend on the length of the book and the services required. Also, if any authors want to be interviewed I’m happy to host them on this blog, check out the ‘Interview’ tab to see a few of the interviews I have conducted. 

If anybody would like to get in touch you can either find me on Facebook, Goodreads or my e-mail address.




Review Swaps

A lot of people think that writing a book is hard. That may be true, but often the hardest part of the writing process is what happens afterwards. It’s all well and good writing a book, but what good is it if nobody is reading it? A challenge that we all face is getting reviews for our stories. We love to hear what other people think, we crave it, and yet that feedback is often elusive. Since joining I’ve networked with some other writers, which has been helpful, and one thing that often comes up is the prospect of a review swap, so I thought I’d talk about them a little bit today.

 There are a lot of mixed feelings about review swaps. Many people feel that it’s more a case of “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours,” rather than providing an honest review. I have to admit, sometimes I’ve waited to see how other people feel about my book before I tell them how I feel about theirs if I haven’t liked it. I’ve heard a lot of bad stories about people receiving negative ratings because they’ve given a negative review, thankfully I haven’t been on the receiving end of such pettiness. Most of my experiences have been good and I’ve read a few good stories. When I decided to do them I vowed to only review books that I think I’d be interested in, as I thought it would be pointless to review something that I didn’t have any enthusiasm for.

 However, recently I reviewed a book that was…well I’m not going to use this blog to rant about it but it wasn’t very good. I decided to check on how the other author was doing with mine and they said they were enjoying it, but as soon as I mentioned their book didn’t grab me as I hoped it would they said they didn’t actually like mine. Now in my mind normally when you review a book it’s to give other readers an idea of whether they should spend their money on the book or whether they should avoid it. But, with author review swaps I think they’re mostly to benefit the author, so I think if it’s a good review go ahead and post it, but if you didn’t like it then share it privately as a critique. That gives the author the chance to see whether they want to take the feedback on board. Because reviews are so scarce a low-rating review can really be a deadly blow. Yet when I offered a mutual critique the author curtly declined, which I found a bit strange, else how can we improve?

 I think review swaps can be useful as long as the authors have an understanding going into the process, but I don’t think we should automatically assume people are there purely to stroke our egos. So writers, how do you feel about review swaps? Have you had good or bad experiences or do you avoid them?

– Man of Yesterday

Blog Runners – Authors Connecting to Authors

In the dark coldness of night the chosen ones lie in bed. Dreams swirl around their unconscious minds, random images are seared into their minds, ready to be forged into a coherent structure interwoven with pieces of their souls. Then, suddenly, a vivid light bursts through their imagination, a spark of an idea that grows and undulates and fills them with a gnawing hunger, a need, an obsession. They awake, bolt upright, eyes flashing wildly in the darkness, heavy breaths straining their lungs and cold beads of sweat peppering their brow. They cry out, eager to share their passion with the world but they retreat forlornly under the covers as it is only met with silence…but then their ears prick as they hear a faint echo…no, not an echo, a response! In that moment they realise they’re not lost in solitude but they’re connected to other kindred souls and all they have to do to ease the yearning ache in their hearts is to reach out and make themselves visible. 


The Challenge Issued

Here is the idea, expressed in the little tale above:  Each author who reads this is asked to choose the blogs of five others, one being the one who brought them to the network plus four new ones.  Link to these five on your own blog.  Notify the named and ask them, politely, to participate.  There is no ‘badge’, no answering of questions, and no heavy burden of selecting more than four new authors’ blogs.  It would be dramatic, of course, if each attached some piece of prose or poetry as an introduction, but it isn’t a requirement!  And most of all, this is not a ‘Follow me!’ scheme!

Idea taken from the first posting from here –




Awesome Gang Q&A

Along with my recent interview with The Book Elf I’ve had another Q&A posted by the good folks at Awesome Gang who feature a number of interesting interviews with authors. I’ve got a few more interviews coming up so keep posted for them, but for now you can read the latest interview here. For any other authors out there who want to try and get a bit more exposure it’s an easy process and it’s a lot of fun! 

– The Man of Yesterday